How To Create A YouTube Channel?

How To Create A YouTube Channel?

With 1.9 billion monthly active users, YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing platform as well as the second-largest search engine.

Billion of people not only subscribe to the network to watch a variety of content but use the platform to explore new fields for the users’ talent and content.

Since its launch, billions of videos flourished the network with versatile content and has added additional benefits for the users.

Note: Not only the creators but the viewers could also make the best use of the channel to explore what exactly they want.

YouTube is really for everyone either you are an individual simply looking for uploading a video or marketers looking for a large budget video promotion.

Anyone who has a mobile or computer having internet access can use this platform and can enjoy the video content.

Moreover, there is a drastic variation in the age of users accessing the platform- the channel is more popular among the young generation as compared to the people who are

People belong to a different region, and genre could find their preferred content as it is an open platform which welcomes every content following its guidelines.

People use the channel to solve multiple purposes like a few groups of people use the platform to showcase their talent, some people make the best use of the platform

for their brand promotion, and thousands of people access the platform for simple entertainment purpose.

There is a never-ending list of features as well as options offered by the channel like to add people into your group, features to create ads, and amazing setup to

YouTube gives multiple opportunities to its every user, and millions of creators have taken its benefits.

But if you have not to use the platform and have not accessed its features yet, then you are missing a lot of things in this digital world.

As a marketer or a creator, you can create your YouTube channel and can upload your best videos to attract your audience.

While creating a YouTube channel, you need to set up a YouTube channel through a Google account.

Here, it is necessary to enter your video details in the description box and channel name.

Once you create your channel, ensure to upload quality content rather than quantity, as the viewers likely to see something new and unique.

Therefore it is your responsibility to deliver them what they expect from you.

But before taking any action to upload your video content, you need to know the right steps to use the channel.

Read on the article and learn the best steps to create a YouTube channel-

In the article, we have mentioned instructions to create a first channel as well as a new channel on YouTube.

Both have different methods which need to be followed perfectly for the right result.

Sign in to your YouTube account on a computer or using the mobile site; doing this you will be navigated on a new page consisting of most-famous videos depending on

If you don’t have any channel on YouTube, then you need to try any action like uploading of video, posting a comment, or creating a playlist.

Doing this will prompt a tab to create a channel.

Once you got the tab to create a channel, enter the required details that are necessary for your channel.

Here, it is important to check the details associated with your Google account name and image.

Further, confirm the details to create a channel.

Doing so will open the main page of YouTube, where you will find the most-watched videos on the page.

At the left side of the page, you will see multiple options for YouTube setups such as “Home,” “Trending,” “Subscription,” “Library,” “History,” “Watch later,” etc.

These features are available to make your work convenient and easy for you.

In this section, search for the “Settings” option which would be located in-between “Live” and “Report history” options.

From the settings options, you will be navigated on a new page containing different options.

The page will show information about your account and the channels.

On the page, you need to look for the “Create a new channel” option which would be located at the bottom of the page below the “Your Account” tab.

You might face a bit difficult while searching the option as there are many options with a similar format.

The “Create a new channel” option will be located around “Membership,” “Accounts settings, “Your YouTube Channel,” and others.

Doing this will take you to another page where you will be required to fill up the required details.

The page will ask you to enter the “Brand name” in the white box with the “Create” option.
Once you enter your brand name, click on the “Create” option. That’s it; you are done.

Creating a channel on YouTube is not a difficult task, but maintaining it properly is a tedious job. Therefore, we will walk you through the best guidance to manage a YouTube channel with diligence.

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(A) Select a Unique Name For Your Channel:

Think of your channel name, which is unique and never used before by someone; it must be easy to remember. If you want to use your real name for the channel’s identity, then use it with some specifications, like add a few special character or number.

Try to give the best name to your channel, do not hurry to complete the process, as once you are done with the channel’s name, then you won’t be able to change it for the upcoming three months.

(B) Keep The Name Professional with Fun Touch:

Do not forget that you have created your channel to engage your audience with your content, therefore make your channel’s name memorable and formal relevant to your genre.

Do not make it too wordy and too short; try to use the word that is easy to remember. Catchy username and channel name attract more audience than the username that is simple and boring.

Try to avoid cultural misunderstandings, like avoid the word which sounds the same but has a different meaning.

(C) Perfect Profile Picture:
Perfect word is easy to use, but following its major meaning is a bit difficult. But when it comes to promotional activities and marketing strategies, it is important to follow perfection with some fun. And there is nothing that can do better than a good and exciting profile picture.

Do not let your profile picture boring and dull- use the image with colorful effects and suitable print. Your profile picture gives your first impression of your audience; therefore, it is necessary to have the picture which could give your best presentation.

Keep these points in mind while selecting an image for the profile picture section.

• Take help from a professional photographer.

• Use the relevant image of your brand/business.

• Use the best lighting

• Avoid dull and dark pictures.

• Use group image or brand’s logo photos.

(D)Add Channel Art.
After now, drag your mouse at the top of your channel page, you will find a camera icon located at the upper- right corner of the page. Once you click the camera icon, you will get a pop-up menu says upload photo. You need to click on the select photo from your computer located at the center of the page.

This will leads you on the computer’s gallery where you have to select your photo. Further, click on the “open” button located at the bottom right corner of the page. Next, you need to continue with the online instructions which will upload channel art successfully.

Note: Select the attractive channel art that captures the viewers’ attention. There are some limitations which needs to be followed by you while adding channel art that is — the art size needs to be 2560* 1440 pixels. Your channel art image must be suitable for your channels message.

Don’t keep your channel art statically. Change your channel art frequently according to what content you are uploading on your channel. Make sure that you do not copy other famous users on YouTube; this could lead you at last in the search results.

(E) Describe Your Channel:
Channel could not get recognition only with the best images and name, but it also needs to have a description that can tell your audience about you and your interests. Adding a description to your channel increase the probability to get amazing engagement and involvement of viewers.

In the description section, you can tell about your likes and dislikes, interest, and preferable genre. The option also allows you to add a link of your best videos.

Note: Your description is publicly visible, so make sure that you and your channel’s description must be brief and meaningful.

(F) Add Links:
If you want to add social media links to your channel, make sure that you have created a separate account for each profile like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

(G) Go With Trend:
YouTube is all about the latest content in the market; therefore, you cannot go with the outdated content if you want to make your brand successful. Try to deliver content what your audience is expecting from you rather than providing them with the boring and similar content.

Content is the king in social marketing, therefore it important for you to know that key factors of uploading a well-created video. Do not let your content down your image, ensure to make the content which is in trend and which can represent your business/brand perfectly.

Note: Make sure that the content you are going to write for your channel must be unique and creative.

(H) Know Your Strength:

As a creator, it is important to know your strength and power. Do not follow others’ footstep, believe in yourself, and select the field in which you want to make your future.

For example: If you are best in singing that does not opt for other options, make your best and perform on YouTube with the singing channel. Give your audience an option to follow your videos back to back- post frequently with the general time distance.

(I) Consider Doing Reviews:
Reviews are the most significant way to attract customers, mainly if you are reviewing some products and services that people will be looking for. Let’s take an example when someone is going to buy a TV, or searching for a good restaurant, then he will go for the reviews first, and if the product has good reviews, then they will definitely go for that.

Reviews play a vital role in business management; business managers always take reviews of employers on different levels to know the progress of the company.

(J) Consistent Content:
Always try to create unique and genuine content for your audience. The more you put content on your channel, the more engagement you will get- this will also help you to improve your skills as you continue to develop your approach.

Note: If you are going to make a Gaming channel, then you will be required to have the software for recording. 

(K)Make Your Introduction Interesting:
Your introduction part will make a stronger impression on viewers; most viewers determine the content of your video in a few seconds and make a decision on the basis of your introduction. If your videos have a number of viewers, YouTube will rank your videos on its priority list, and viewers will get your videos easily in the search results.

Make sure that your personality is the center of attraction for your viewers from the beginning of the videos. Promote your video by directly connecting with your audience and introduce it personally.

When you are going to create documentary videos, you need to keep in mind that the objective of the video is crystal clear from the beginning. This will help you to generate and involve the audience on your channel.

(L)Tell A Story:
Every video has a story, either it is fictional or non-fictional. To make your video more attractive, try not to break videos into small segments. Each segment has a different aspect that the video is addressing, which makes your content more effective and edible to the audience.

Annotations are generally used for adding additional information related to your video content such as link, subtitle promotion of your other videos, etc.

Annotations allow viewers to subscribe to your channel. Once viewers subscribed to your channel, they will get a notification on your every post.

(M) Throw A Change-Up Every Once In A While:
You need to make an episode to interact directly with your audience, answer the popular question asked by your audience in the comment section, which will make your bond stronger with your audience. Make them feel like all your work is possible with their support.

(N) Come Up With Creative Tags:
To make your video content easily accessible, you need to tag your video to a particular person, not to everyone in your group. Once you tagged your video, make sure that the tags are applied to your video.

You are free to tag your video anywhere you want- this would enable people to search your video content easily. Your tags must describe the content of your videos.

(O) Keep Adding Videos:
Once you made your YouTube channel and want to have a successful streaming content, then it is important to flow video constantly. Must try to update your channel regularly, let your viewers know if you are going to be taking a break and the time you will be back on the channel.

YouTube is an amazing platform where you can establish your image as well as business reputation with the limitless options to survive in the social marketing world. The channel not only helps to create a powerful brand’s visibility but also work a key factor to improve social connections.issof